The team

Matthew Highton
Matthew Highton Hover
Matthew Highton

Environmental & Research Scientist
Rock climber with the driest sense of humour imaginable. Probably related to Clark Kent.

Dan Smith
Dan Smith Hover
Dan Smith

Operations Manager
Always sports a 'Good as Gold' attitude. Doesn't beat around the bush. 'No worries'.

Russell Berryman
Russell Berryman Hover
Russell Berryman

Vermicast Site Manager (Taupō)
Great ideas and always has an answer for everything. Our fantastic trainer of up-and-coming site superstars!

Eugene Crosby
Eugene 2-1
eugene crosby

Chief Bean Counter
Likes it when the numbers make sense but hates it when they don't. Loves hunting eagles and birdies on the weekend (on his local golf course) however always looks forward to the 19th hole!

Shontelle Hartnett
Shontelle Hartnett Hover
Shontelle Hartnett

Accounts Manager, Health & Safety
Keeps everything running smoothly along with health & safety. Finds numbers and spreadsheets strangely exciting!

Charlotte Robertson
Charlotte Robertson Hover

Environmental & Research Scientist
Motorbike and kayak enthusiast. Also a drone pilot with an eagle eye for attention to detail.

Daniel Wairua
Daniel Wairua Hover
Daniel Wairua

Vermicast Site Manager (Tokoroa)
Next level wisecracker! Great photographer. Can fix everything that Russell can't.

Taylor Wairua
Taylor Wairua Hover
Taylor Wairua

Vermicast Site Machine Operator Resident pig spotter with the heartiest laugh. Always willing to lend a hand when needed!

Jenny Ford
Jenny 2
jenny ford

Business Development, Logistics & Marketing Manager
Bringing MyNoke awesomeness to every part of the country. Loves coffee, spending time with her son, the outdoors, and making pottery. Team Xmas gifts are sorted!

Greg Shirras

Environmental Manager
Jack of all trades. Keen on hunting and fishing with his dog called Bruce! Tackles the hard questions in the resource consent world.

Glen Jenkins
Glen Jenkins Hover
Glen Jenkins

Senior Vermicast Site Operator
Wise sensei, always on time.
Hairstylist in a previous life. Owns a potato eating dog.

Lucas Wiki
Lucas v2
lucAs wiki

Vermicast Site Machine Operator
Our enthusiastic machine operator that is another lover of hunting and fishing! Doesn't mind a bit of mud!

Ethan Allen
ethan allen

Vermicast Site Machine Operator
Another lover of the MyNoke big machines!

Kallum / Hummy
Kallum_Hummy Flip
Kallum tuinman-campbell (Hummy)

Workshop Hand
In his free time Hummy loves spending time with friends and family, and playing Playstation (sometimes combining all three!)

David Green
David Green_reverse

Vermicast Sales & Logistics Manager
A horticulturist and lover of gardening, David brings his diverse experience and expertise in the rural sector to our vermicast customers. When not at work you can find him living the dream in Taupō - biking, walking, skiing, traveling and spending time with family.

Rudi Waite

Diesel Mechanic
A keen fisherman & lover of a good brai, Rudi shows up to MyNoke every day to get his hands dirty & make things tick when they stop ticking!

Riley - 1
Riley Flip - 1

Vermicast Site Machine Operator
When not onsite enjoying the company of the good buggers he works with you can be guaranteed to find Riley out hunting and fishing.