The services MyNoke provides - regenerative resource management (vermicomposting) - means valuable nutrients are diverted from landfill. Instead of going to waste, these nutrients are returned to the soil, where they came from.
MyNoke specialises in improving and regenerating soil functions including soil structure, biological diversity and activity, humus levels, cation exchange capacity and adding bio-stimulants such as gibberellins and auxins to boost root growth.
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'MyNoke has been helping us achieve our organic waste free target for many years. Their vermicomposting operation recycle our wastes to pure vermicast going back to soils.'
Jim Dunseath, Compliance Manager, Seeka Kiwifruit Industries Limited

For Industries and Councils

Too much waste?

An eco-friendly solution for bulk organic waste management.

From paper by-products, to dairy sludge, to biosolids, we provide an end-to-end solution for dealing with high-volume organic waste materials. By supplying MyNoke with your bulk organic resources, we can upcycle them to produce vermicast, a valuable soil conditioner ideal for improving soil health and function.

Our process allows us to accept all the above waste resources in bulk to one of our various vermicomposting sites - we then mix these resources to create the perfect menu for our worms. We then feed the waste mix to our earthworms which is transformed into beautiful vermicast used to enrich New Zealand's soils.

We work with a range of organisations, including manufacturing plants, councils, dairy companies, and pulp mills to provide an environmentally-friendly waste solution.

Our team can provide all the assistance, support and training to make it as easy as possible to implement in your organisation, ensuring it is a streamlined and hassle-free process.

We can compete with landfill fees, you can avoid waste levies and we provide you with the opportunity to contribute to healthier soils and a healthier environment.

The organic waste material we take includes:

  • Fibrous waste from pulp mills along with ash
  • Sludge from dairy and cheese plants
  • Organic waste including paunch from food processing industries and packhouses
  • Digestate from anaerobic digesters
  • Municipal biosolids / sewage sludge
  • Farm manure and dairy farm effluent
  • Kiwifruit packing waste
  • Bulk green wastes including lake weed

Contact us to discuss the suitability of your organic material for vermicomposting.

screened vermicast

For Agriculture and Horticulture

How could our vermicast benefit your farm or orchard?

Are you experiencing a decline in your natural soil productivity - like shallow root systems, low humus levels, nutrients and water holding capacity? Do you want to reduce nutrient and fertiliser losses from your topsoil, or increase the value of your most valuable investment of your property - your soil?

Vermicomposting is cost-effective, improves soil productivity and is environmentally-friendly. The produced vermicast can be applied to farmland, used in horticulture, glasshouses, and nurseries and also used in potting mixes to boost plant growth. In addition, should a nutrient surplus be produced and resource consent compliance exceeded, vermicast can be sold and produce extra income at farm level.

Our mission here at MyNoke is to assist you in activating the life of your soil, with the aim of increasing both humus content and biological activity. Where crop rotation and soil management do not contribute to the sustainable reproduction of soil humus, vermicast and earthworms can improve soil fertility and soil function.

We are also specialists in custom designing worm farms for vermicomposting to suit your business.

Get in contact if you want to know more.


For Home and Garden

Want to take your home garden or vegetable patch to the next level?

Our range of mature, earthworm castings are ideal for your garden and potting mixes, providing beneficial nutrients to your soil and stimulating plant root growth and activity. They are natural, free from added chemicals or fillers and help to strengthen against insect attack, while suppressing plant diseases.

We can also get you started with your own worm compost farm, with our worm starter pack. Perfect for schools, kindergartens, the office, home, or wherever you like!

'MyNoke vermicast is easy to spread – it just flows. It is really easy to use and provides more value than compost.'
Murray Holmes, Orchard Owner and Contractor, Neeworra Ltd


Our pure, mature earthworm castings are ideal for your garden and potting mixes, raised garden beds and larger gardens.

We also offer earthworm castings in bulk bags and by the tonne for improving and regenerating your soil fertility and productivity. Ideal for pasture, cropping, horticulture, landscaping, top soils, and large jobs.
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Liquid Vermicast Extract

The liquid form of our pure earthworm castings is ideal for irrigation, foliar application, seed inoculation, hydroponic systems and general home garden and indoor plant use.

We use water to extract these goodies from our premium vermicast. MyNoke Liquid Vermicast Extract can be mixed with most liquid fertilisers.

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Our compost and soil-dwelling worms are gently hand-picked from our worm beds and packaged with their 'home' bedding. The packaged worms and their bedding are immediately sent to you, ready to move into their new home as soon as they arrive.

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