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Looking for a fundraiser that has strong environmental credentials?

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Welcome to MyNoke!

Our name 'Noke' is the Te Reo Māori word for "earthworm'. We are the largest worm farm operators in the world and the leading suppliers of earthworms and earthworm products in New Zealand.

Organic waste from councils and businesses, diverted from landfill, is fed to our special earthworms to be digested. Waste is reduced by 80% volume, and is transformed into 'vermicast' also known as 'worm poo': the best carbon-rich, biologically active, plant growth-promoting soil conditioner you can imagine.

Vermicast is used around the world in agriculture, horticulture, glasshouses, nurseries, vegetable gardens, and in potting mixes. Valuable both commercially and for home gardens and container planting.

Why We Do What We Do

Why is MyNoke doing this?

We love supporting our community! We are a New Zealand business which is passionate about reducing landfill waste and about improving soil health. We want to spread the word about the value of wormfarm products and how landfill volume can be reduced.

Why MyNoke Vermicast?

MyNoke has been producing premium quality vermicast since 2007.

Our products contain pure, mature earthworm castings only. None of our products include bulking agents such as bark or sawdust. Clever gardeners know that it is best to 'feed the soil, not the plant in order to get the best results. When vermicast is added to soil it benefits plants in so many ways, including:

  • Stimulates root growth and activity
  • Adds beneficial soil micro-organisms to assist plant take-up of nutrients
  • Increases water-holding capacity (improves drought resilience)
  • Unlocks nutrients already in soil, without adding unnecessary chemicals
  • Improves plant resistance to insect pests
  • Suppresses plant diseases
  • Encourages pollinators and other beneficial insect populations

The How

How will this make money for your cause?

You can use our fundraising program to raise money for your social or community group such as club, school event, charity or other cause. We sell our soil-enhancing product to you at a special fundraiser price, which allows you to sell it to your community for a profit.

  • With every MyNoke product sold, your fundraising team will generate a profit of up to $12.80 per item. You can exceed our RRP (recommended retail price), but you may not sell below it.

  • Generate sales by approaching whānau, friends, work colleagues and other contacts and explain the benefits for their gardens and container plants.

  • Use social media to post the pdf flyer and reach the widest possible community for orders.
  • Sell door-to-door (with children always being accompanied by an adult).
  • Try local businesses, sports clubs and neighbours growing their own fruit and veges, flower & shrub gardens, and patio containers.
  • Set up a stand at school, church fair, or any other table sale opportunity.



'The MyNoke team are great to deal with offering excellent communication. They have  resources to assist with the fundraising campaign which worked well and many people were keen to buy their products and support kindergarten at the same time. We feel very thankful that we had this opportunity and next time intend to run our campaign for longer which we believe will result in additional sales.'

 Tessa Knight - Parent Committee, Kinloch Kindergarten 

'Super easy, efficient, and also popular fundraiser for our Playcentre. The communication was top notch, the delivery to the one location was super handy, and the product has got my own gardens looking amazingly healthy. Will use this fundraiser again for sure.'

Susan Luxton - Papamoa Playcentre

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you receive the product?

The products will be available for collection from our Tokoroa office. Depending on your location, we can possibly arrange free delivery by a staff member should they be travelling in through your area however this is subject to availability. 

Is shipping the product an option?

We encourage pick up of the product to keep your fundraising costs to a minimum. Freight charges are very costly and would significantly dilute your fundraising fund efforts. 

When do we pay MyNoke for the product?

MyNoke will invoice you (as the fundraising coordinator) for any sold product at the campaign end date. Payment is due within 14 working days and must be paid by bank transfer. Only one full payment to be made by the fundraising coordinator to MyNoke. It is the responsibility of the fundraising coordinator to collect the individual payments for sold product.

What is the cost of the MyNoke Fundraising Program products and how much can I make?

Website Pricing Table

*Prices include GST


The Next Steps



To show interest, or find out more, complete the Fundraising Coordinator Sign-Up Form below.



Upon your application being approved, the MyNoke team will email you the Terms & Conditions Form to read, sign and return.



You can commence your fundraising campaign marketing using the below downloadable Marketing brochures / flyers.



Promote your Fundraiser through social media posts using the MyNoke Fundraising Program logo available to download below. Also commence promoting to friends & family, do a neighborhood door knock with the flyers, or to your associated community cultural and sports groups. 



Commence taking orders by customers completing the below downloadable Order Form. Orders and payments are collated by your Fundraising Coordinator (possibly yourself), who will then place the one bulk order with MyNoke at the end of the campaign period.



When the one full order is received, we will arrange the products to be ready for pick up from a designated MyNoke office. (The pick up of the product and distribution of them to the customers must be managed by the Fundraising Coordinator.)



The Fundraisers will receive an invoice for payment from MyNoke for the full bulk order which is to be paid in one payment by bank transfer only. (Note it is the responsibility of he Fundraising Coordinator to collect individual customer payments).



Count your profits and celebrate!

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