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Our commitment to grow fresh produce to feed our communities.

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Welcome to MyNoke!

Our name is derived from 'noke' - the Te Reo Māori word for 'worm'.  We are the largest worm farm operators in the world and the leading suppliers of earthworms and earthworm products in New Zealand.

Organic waste from councils and businesses is diverted from landfill and fed to our earthworms.  Through this process of vermicomposting the volume of waste is reduced by 80% and what's left behind is 'vermicast' - also known as 'worm poo' - the best carbon-rich, biologically active, plant growth-promoting soil conditioner you can imagine.

Vermicast is used around the world in agriculture, horticulture, glasshouses, nurseries, vegetable gardens, and in potting mixes. Valuable both commercially and for home gardens and container planting.

Fresh produce for our communities

MyNoke Māra Kai

Māra Kai is our commitment to using available resources to grow fresh produce for our local communities, our staff, and their whānau.  

Along with our trees, the Māra Kai initiative is in its infancy - having planted a cluster of trees at our Taupō farm, along with donating trees to our staff to grow their own kai at home.

Māra Kai also supports local community growing initiatives such as Lake Local in Taupō, with the contribution of vermicast products to help with soil health and plant growth.

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