Welcome to the MyNoke Health & Safety Induction Page!


We truly hope that you will enjoy your visit to our Vermicast Site. 

You can only visit our Vermicast Operation Sites when agree to the MyNoke Health & Safety Site Rules. They are designed to ensure that you are safe and remain injury-free.  

You also have to wear PPE-gear (day/night high visibility) clothing and suitable shoes.

We also highly recommend warm clothes for those chilly days!

Please fill in the Health & Safety Induction Form:

I am wearing
I've been shown the:

I acknowledge that I have read and understand the MyNoke hazards register and the controlled risks specific to this site and am aware of the near miss/incident reporting obligations.

I hereby declare that by selecting YES!, that I have received an induction by a MyNoke staff member and I have fully understood the information that they have provided.

Thank you!