Earthworm Products &

Organic Waste Collection 

For healthier soils and a better environment. 
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Boost your Soil

Whether you are a backyard garden enthusiast, a horticulturist or a large scale farmer, our high-quality earthworm products are perfect for improving the quality of your soil.

We even sell worms! 

Organic Waste Collection

If you are a council,  manufacturer, hotel or business that produces organic, paper or kitchen waste then we'd love to take it off your hands.


Your waste gets picked up and transported to a regional wormfarm - the produced wormcasts can be brought back to you or to a local garden or project.  

Domestic Waste Bin

Classes and Talks

Find out more about the science of great soil with our range of fun and informative classes.


We'll teach you everything you need to know about how to use vermicast in your garden and potting mix, plus so much more. 

Meet MyNoke

We are leading suppliers of vermicast, vermicompost and earthworms, right here in New Zealand. 

A team of passionate specialists, we work on the worm farms, consult with farmers, councils and industries, and conduct relevant research to further enhance our services and products.  


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