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MyNoke Wins Sustainability & People's Choice Awards

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Boost your Soil

Whether you are a backyard garden enthusiast, a landscaper, horticulturist or a large scale farmer, we offer high quality, nutrient-rich soil conditioners in solid or liquid form. Agreed by many to be one of the best additives for enhancing the ability of soil to cope with drought, fight pests and disease, and improve plant growth and general health.
We even sell worms!
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Bulk Organic Waste

If you are a council, manufacturer, or any other organisation that produces large volume organic waste materials or by-products (dairy by-product, biosolids, or fibre), then we'd love to take it off your hands. MyNoke offers an all-natural, environmentally sensitive disposal arrangement as an alternative to landfill.
Your waste is processed at one of our regional Wormfarm Sites where millions of hungry worms will reduce the volume by about 80% to create a valuable natural resource.
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Find out more about the science of great soil with our range of fun and informative talks.
We show you everything you need to know about how to use vermicast in your garden and potting mix, plus so much more.
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Meet MyNoke

A team of passionate specialists, we work on our worm farms, consult with farmers, councils and industries, and conduct relevant research to further enhance our organic waste services and earthworm products.
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