Case Studies

Vermicast improves maize yield during drought
31 March 2013
Vermicast improves maize yield during drought

Phil Brogden is a contractor in the Bay of Plenty region, based in Awakeri near Whakatane and sows several hundred hectares of maize each year.  Over the last couple of years he has been applying 20 tonnes/ha of MyNOKE Vermicast, supplied from our Kawerau vermicomposting operation. The results have been stunning, resulting in increased harvest yields from the maize crop as well as being able to reduce the application of mineral fertiliser. The following shows the changes experienced in the application rates.

Phil's new MyNOKE Vermicast and fertiliser application rates:

No base fertiliser,
20 t/ha vermicast,
50 kg/ha starter fertiliser,
300 kg/ha urea. 

The old conventional fertiliser application rates without vermicast:

250 kg/ha base fertiliser,
300 kg/ha starter fertiliser,
250 kg/ha urea. 

Watch the YouTube video with Phil and listen how he managed a 30% yield increase and compare what impact the vermicast application had on his maize in the 2013 drought.