The MyNOKE®  team are passionate specialists working at the worm farms, monitoring the process, consulting with farmers, councils, and industries and conducting research studies.  Aside from our team and some 1.2 billion (1,200,000,000) earthworms, we also enjoy working with local contractors who transport the feedstock for our earthworms and deliver MyNOKE® Vermicast to our customers.

Michael Quintern is the founder and a director of MyNOKE®. Michael grew up on his grandparent’s farm and did an apprenticeship in farming. He studied agriculture and soil science and did his PhD in agriculture – soil sciences on land utilisation on organic wastes on farmland. Michael has 20 years experience in land utilisation of organic wastes on farmland. Michael immigrated with his family from Germany 7 years ago and continued his career as scientist and technical manager of the New Zealand Land Treatment Collective at Scion, the forest research institute, in Rotorua. This is when Michael got inspired by vermicomposting and developed technologies for industrial vermicomposting operations for New Zealand industries and communities.

Michael is the MyNOKE® expert on designing and establishing worm farms for various waste streams. This includes resource consenting, monitoring, and land utilisation of vermicompost. Michael is leading several research projects and develops new and improves established vermicomposting technologies.

View Michael's 2015 TedX Talk where he shares his passion for Earthworms, solving the problem of industrial waste and the barren lands left behind by forest harvesting.




The commercial part of MyNOKE® is managed and led by the board of directors:

Max Morley is director and chairman of the board of directors of Noke Limited and is leading the MyNOKE® brand in its devolopment of new contracts and technology areas. Max is very passionate about vermicomposting technology and has enjoyed developing and growing MyNOKE® from a real Kiwi start up company.

Max Morley is a seasoned executive with extensive international multi-industry experience. He has a number of business interests and provides analytical, capital raising, strategic and tactical support to a variety of organisations ranging from early stage start-up, through to mature entities both in New Zealand and aboard. His passions include leveraging organisational performance and effective governance practices. He holds a number of directorships and chairman roles and is the current chairman of Noke Ltd.

Michael Quintern as the founder of MyNOKE® is a director on the board as well.