What We Do

What We Do

What We Do


At MyNOKE® we love soils - our services includes bulk supply and delivery of vermicompost and soil conditioner suitable for your farm and horticulture. We also offer organic waste management solutions for food processing industries and communities.

Vermicomposting is the processing of organic wastes through earthworms. It is an aerobic process, and is therefore different to other forms of composting. This fascinating process starts when earthworms ingest the waste then excrete casts. Earthworm casts are rich in nutrients, humus, and plant growth promoters, and from this point onwards are ready to use as a fertiliser.

The power of highly nutritious vermicompost comes from nature itself. As reported by Canallas and his research team in the International Journals of Plant Physiology and Plant and Soil, vermicompost has the ability to intensify root growth in maize and other crops. This means MyNOKE® vermicompost has a high potential to reduce fertilizer costs and losses, increases drought tolerance, and reduces ground and surface water eutrophication.

The most common applications for vermicompost include farming, and is used on pasture and on crops such as maize, fodder beets, turnips, cereals, and others. The use of vermicompost in horticulture, such as orchards (kiwifruit, citrus, berries, apple or pears), vegetables, potatoes, and onions is highly beneficial. The vermicompost can also be spread over lawns, and can be used in landscaping and nurseries.

Vermicompost is a sustainable solution to managing organic wastes, improving soil fertility, and increasing yields. Vermicompost is used internationally with growing demand, and MyNOKE® can assist in consultancy over which products your operations will benefit most from.

Beside vermicompost we also sell earthworms for garden and soils, compost worms, and domestic worm farms. MyNOKE® provides three bulk vermicompost products.

  • MyNOKE® Organic Certified Vermicompost,

  • MyNOKE® "Black Gold" vermicompost, and our

  • new MyNOKE® Black Gold PLUS vermicompost with higher nutrient content.

Vermicompost balanced with fertiliser and Zeolite

On request we supply MyNOKE® vermicompost mixed with lime, reactive phosphate rock (RPR), ZEOLITE and other nitrogen and sulfate fertilisers for your particular soil and plant requirement.

Please contact MyNOKE® today for details and specific quotes.

Product development

Our team has developed special vermicompost with particular characteristics for certain customers. Some of these examples are:

  • Low nitrogen vermicompost for use in sensitive water catchments.
  • Highly nutritious vermicompost for high demanding crops and for converted forestland.
  • Lower pH vermicompost for nurseries and berry producers.

For a consultation, contact MyNOKE® to discuss your specific requirements.  We offer discounts and payments options on bulk supply to our loyal customers.

Delivery and spreading

For your convenience, MyNOKE® organises cost-efficient transport and delivery to your site. If required, we can find a local contractor to do the spreading, or we can work with your preferred contractor.

Please contact Nick Pilcher to discuss your requirements.

Organic waste management - Vermicomposting

The MyNOKE® research and development arm - Quintern Innovation Limited - provides industries and councils that are producing organic by-products with sustainable waste management solutions.

If you are looking for a more sustainable regional solution for your organic by-products other than landfill disposal, please contact MyNOKE® to discuss your specific requirements. We offer centralized and de-centralized vermicomposting technologies and services.

MyNOKE® in consultation with Quintern Innovation Limited have developed sustainable waste management solutions for:

  • Oji Fibre Solutions – formerly Carter Holt Harvey - developing and operating MyNOKE® vermicomposting operations in Central North Island.
  • Fonterra Group Co-orporation - vermicomposting activated sludges from milk processing plants.
  • Seeka Packhouses, Bay of Plenty - vermicomposting "dust" wastes such as kiwifruit hair, leaves and small fruits from various packhouses.
  • Tuaropaki Trust Wormfarm - designing and establishing a local worm farm at Mokai to vermicompost more than 2,000 tonnes of by-products from their glass houses and dairy farm.
  • Western Bay of Plenty District Council - Vermicomposting sludge from their municipal wastewater treatment plants in Te Puke and Maketu.
  • Hamilton City Council - Vermicomposting sludge from their municipal wastewater treatment plants.
  • The Laminex Group, Taupo - Vermicomposting fibrous sediments from their storm water ponds.