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MyNOKE® are specialists in the development of Vermicast and Vermicompost supplying various grades in bulk for commercial use, including Organic Certified. 

They also produce Bark Mulch ideal for ground cover in orchards and Earthworms for sustaining natural topsoil fertility increasing pasture yield by up to 70%.

MyNOKE Organic Certified Vermicast (pure earthworm casting)
MyNOKE Organic Certified Vermicast (pure earthworm casting)

MyNOKE® organic vermicast contains all the value of pure earthworm casting you as farmer or grower are seeking, when looking for earthworms in your soils.

Vermicast is rich in:

  • soil humus
  • plant growth stimulators
  • humic acids
  • plant available nutrients
  • essential micronutrients
  • fungies including mycorrhiza
  • enzymes (phosphatase)
  • soil bacteria
  • some earthworm eggs

Vermicast is the ideal product to boost germination, root growth, increase plant available soil water content and reduce nutrient losses. It can be applied all year around as long the soil isn’t too wet.

We recommend MyNOKE® Organic Certified Vermicast for pasture, kiwifruit orchards, strawberry, maize silage, vegetables, and more!  Our vermicast is offered in bulk and is screened to 20 mm and is suitable for most fertiliser spreaders and all manure spreaders.

MyNOKE® organic certified vermicast is made from recovered wood fibres from the production of paper and cardboard. It is produced to the highest quality standards and has AssureQuality certification with a continual product quality testing regime to ensure that you get a safe product.


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