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MyNOKE® are specialists in the development of Vermicast and Vermicompost supplying various grades in bulk for commercial use, including Organic Certified. 

They also produce Bark Mulch ideal for ground cover in orchards and Earthworms for sustaining natural topsoil fertility increasing pasture yield by up to 70%.

MyNOKE Earthworms for sustaining natural topsoil fertility (organic certified)
MyNOKE Earthworms for sustaining natural topsoil fertility (organic certified)

Introducing and establishing earthworms can increase pasture yield by up to 70%. It is also well understood that soils with high numbers of earthworms are far less vulnerable to damage by grass grubs. Earthworms are also feeding on dead grass and turning this into earthworm casting.  This is where the fungus responsible for facial aczema is usually growing.

We are breeding soil dwelling earthworms such as “Southern Worms” (Aporrectodea trapezoides) and occasionally “Lumbricus” (Lumbricus terristris), “Yellow Tail” Earthworm (Octolaion cyaneum) and “Grey Worm” (Aporrectodea caliginosa).

  • “Southern Worm” (Aporrectodea trapezoides) is an endogeic topsoil burrowing earthworm. This worm is feeding on organic matter and large amounts of soil in the root zone where plants are benefiting directly from the earthworm casting and exudation.
  • “Lumbricus” (Lumbricus terrestris) an anecic earthworm is a deep burrowing earthworm forming permanent burrows. This worm is important for soil structure.

MyNOKE® sell these earthworms with the purpose of establishing new earthworm populations (called inocculation) to help improve and sustain your pasture, crop, fruit and vegetable production. Establishing an earthworm population is highly recommended after converting forestland into pasture or crops, after contouring land, when establishing new orchards and at all sites without earthworms.

Soil dwelling earthworms are most active and maintain breeding from late winter to early summer. We recommend introducing MyNOKE® Earthworms on your farm, pasture, or orchard from August to November. MyNOKE® earthworms are available as bulk only. We are gently picking up the earthworms with their bedding (vermicast) and relocating them to your farm or orchard.

For our organic growers we have registered MyNOKE® Earthworms as an organic certified input for crops fertilisers and soil amendments certified by AsureQuality – Registration No: 0951. Organic certified earthworms are available from our Kinleith/Tokoroa worm farm only.

Establishing MyNOKE® Earthworms on pasture:

Miah Smith (dairy farmer) is inspecting his first delivery of MyNOKE® Earthworms on his recently converted dairy farm. Establishing earthworms to pasture is as important as building races, fences, gates, and water troughs.

Establishing MyNOKE® Earthworms in kiwifruit orchards:

MyNOKE® Earthworms and MyNOKE® Vermicast are introduced to a kiwifruit orchard in Te Puna. Application in rows between trunks to allow plenty of time for the MyNOKE® Earthworms to migrate into soil without interfering with orchard maintenance.


Read the earthworms information sheet from Nicole Schon (AgResearch)  
“Without earthworms pasture production may be limited to slightly more than half the true potential.” S. M. J. Stockdill, Department of Agriculture Palmerston. Read the full article - The Effect of Earthworms on Pastures.


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