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Transforming soils into humus rich and more productive pasture, cropping land, orchards and nurseries by applying vermicast and introducing earthworms to soils.

Are you experiencing a decline in your natural soil productivity like low humus levels, shallow root systems, low nutrients and water holding capacity?

Do you want to reduce nutrient and fertiliser losses from your topsoil?

Do you want to increase the value of your most valuable investment of your property ie. your soil.


MyNOKE vermicast is pure vermicast, rich in soil like humus with a high cations exchange capacity CEC. Earthworm produced gibberellins and auxins like plant growth promoters, which trigger root development and growth. Vermicast contains natural phosphatase that unlocks calcium and ion phosphate of your soils. MyNOKE vermicast is rich in bacteria and fungi (micorrhiza), calcium and magnesium too.

Deeper and more roots in combination with a higher humus content improves water holding capacity which reduces drought effects. Nutrients and fertiliser are less likely to be washed out of the root zone into the groundwater. This saves on fertiliser costs and reduces nitrate emission.

From more than six years of experience in applying MyNOKE vermicast - our customers recommend following application rates:

Orchards: 20 t/ha of MyNOKE vermicast either as band or broad spread for initial application or when soils fertility is poor e.g. new orchard. In the following years application rates may be reduced to 10 t/ha. Ideally applied by end of winter or early spring. MyNOKE vermicast can be applied throughout the year depending on access to orchards.

Maize and cropping: 20 t/ha of MyNOKE vermicast for maintaining the humus level and improve root development. After conversion and contouring up to 50 t ha (7 mm) can boost soil humus content, stabilise soil pH, and establish a productive cations exchange capacity CEC. Application best after soil tillage (if any) and before planting.

Pasture: 20 t/ha before renewing pasture to improve germination and root development of new pasture. On established pasture either 10 t/ha in spring or 5 t/ha twice a year as split application after grazing or mowing. MyNOKE vermicast can be mixed with RPR, lime, farm manure if required.

Immediately if there are no earthworm populations at all, which applies to 80 % of New Zealand farmland. New Zealand studies have shown that earthworms increase pasture productivity of between 20 to 30%. Best time of the year for inoculating with MyNOKE earthworms such as deep borrowing Blackhead Worms (Aporrectodea longa) or top-soil dwelling Southern Worms (Aporrectodea trapezoides) is between late winter and early summer as long soils are moist and warm.

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Contact Dr Michael Quintern the director of Quintern Innovation Limited and founder of MyNOKE® to discuss your specific situation and requirements. Michael has been working for almost 30 years in processing and utilisation of organic resources on land. Quintern Innovation offers waste audits, feasibility studies, vermicomposting and land utilisation research trials, design and development of vermicomposting operations (“worm farms”) at any scale.

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