Black Soil

About us

Want to make the world a better place? 

If you ever wondered “what can I do to do my part”, you are in the right place. We at MyNoke care deeply about making a better environment a priority. That’s right, we aim high.


We are an ever-curious, strategic-creative company, solving organic waste disposal problems. As employees, we encourage each other to grow and innovate. As a company, we roll up our sleeves to make a change by building simple and powerful solutions for people, businesses and communities.


Our full package of services is set up to work together with our partners under an overarching strategy. From communities to paper mills, to retirement villages and hotels, our services supports people and organisations all over New Zealand to transform organic waste and make a difference - through the power of earthworms.


We are seriously curious about our work and never, ever back away from a challenge. 

To us, it’s not just having about a good idea, it’s about having the right one, one that works and creates value for our partners and us.

Our name is inspired by the 

Te Reo word for ‘earthworm’ (Noke).

The team

Michael2 copy.jpg

Michael Quintern
Director & Senior Scientist
Thinks inside and outside all boxes.
Extraordinarily passionate about finding the right solutions. 


Phil Holland

General Manager

Able to juggle 27 balls at a time. Likes to make things simple and fun. Powered by coffee.


Dan1 copy.jpg
Dan2 copy.jpg

Dan Smith
Operations manager
Good as gold attitude. Doesn't beat around the bush. No worries. 



Anne Brooks

Sales & Distribution Manager

Friendliest and most reliable colleague imaginable. Loves cats.


Glen Jenkins
Senior Worm Farm Operator
Wise sensei, always on time. Hairstylist in a previous life. Owns a potato eating dog. 


Taylor Wairua

Worm Farm Operator

Resident pig spotter with the heartiest laugh.


Connor Wills
Site manager Ohakune.
Loves working, hanging out with his mates, working, hunting and working. Oh, and working!



Daniel Wairua
Site Manager (Tokoroa) 
Next level wisecracking. Great photographer.  Can fix everything Russell can't.

Russell2 copy.jpg

Russell Berryman
Site manager (Taupo)
Great ideas and an answer
for everything.  

Charlotte1 copy.jpg
Charlotte2 copy.jpg

Charlotte Robertson
Environmental & Research Scientist. 
Drone, motorbike and kayak pilot with eagle eye attention to detail. 


Shontelle Hartnett
Administration & office ninja.
Health & Safety Rep.
Keeps everything smoothly. Special talent: organising food for all sorts of dieting issues for our team meetings!


Dee Read
Organic Waste Collector Superstar
Lover and driver of our biggest truck whilst listening to heavy metal. 


Reuben Houghton
Analysis & Special Projects.
App-Yoda. Has always coffee in the right moment. Wonderfully curious about everything!



Di Houghton

Accounts manager

Loves marching, her dogs and is never even 10 Cents out. 



Mathew Highton
Environmental & Research Scientist. 
More about him later!